Malayalam Tv Serial Kunjiyammayku Anju Makkal

Kunjiyammayku Anju Makkal is a comedy sitcom in Malayalam language that aired on the channel, Amrita TV. Amrita TV, which is a general entertainment channel in Malayalam language, is owned by the Mata Amritanandamayi Math. The show, Kunjiyammayku Anju Makkal was launched in the year 2012. The show was aired at 9:00 p.m. for five days a week, from Monday to Friday. The show had a great run for more than a year. The audience had developed a love for the show during its time because of its light-hearted and easy humor.

The show was directed by Sudeesh Sankar who has already made a place in the mega serial section of the drama genre. This was his first time trying hands in comedy and he did miracles with the piece. This was no slap-stick comedy. The show was filled with genuine comedy,and a very natural humor at very random situations. The show raised a laughter storm at the mere encounters of the characters. Kunjiyammayku Anju Makkal is a story about a mother and her five sons who create a menace in her everyday life.

The show gets its name from an age old jingle called “Five children had Kunjiyamma.” The show also features the jingle. Saraswathy is a local school teacher in her village and is respected by all for her nature and behavior. However, her students, out of fun gave her the name of Kunjiyamma after they had heard and sang the old day jingle “Five children had Kunjiyamma” through their childhood. The name fitted her well to as her life was same as of Kunjiyamma in the song. She also had five sons who were like the caricatured version of the Pancha Pandavas of Mahabharata, only with more flaws. Saraswathy was envied many times because of her five sons and that she was lucky to have her pillars of support through her old age. Only she knew that her sons were more of a burden for her than help.

Tired of the situation, Saraswathy one day calls her niece, Aruna from Mumbai to help her set her five mischievous and nasty sons, straight. As Aruna arrives, the five boys are all taken captive by the entry of a beautiful and attractive teenager into their house. The boys all start coining various fantasies in their heads. Knowing that all the boys have fallen heads over heels for her and using this as a weapon, Aruna fills their hearts and minds with the beautiful idea of marriage. She gets them all married away to five different women from the village.

Now these wilful and headstrong women come into the lives of the five boys and get them totally wrapped around their fingers. Saraswathy is finally at peace after giving away her sons to their wives, but the boys are now receiving more than what they had expected. A series of incidents follow circling domestic dominance and an endless trail of sequences generating riots of humor and laughter for the audience. The lead role of Saraswathy has been portrayed with utmost expertise by Sreelatha Namboothiri, while the other major roles are played by Fazal Raassi, Bijoy, Harisnath, Swathy, Dileep, Priyanka and many other talented names of the television industry.