Malayalam Tv Serial Kumkumapoovu

Kumkumapoovu Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv

A very popular Malayalam serial, Kumkamapoovu said the story of a mother and daughter, separated by time and distance. Professor Jayanti, the mother, is initially unaware of her illegitimate daughter Shalini. Her peaceful, happy life with her husband and children comes to a standstill when she recognizes the hidden truth of Shalini’s birth. Having brought her home in a different identity, crisis pays a visit again when her son falls for her daughter, not knowing that she is his sister.

A quick decision sees Shalini married to Rudran, a villain, who later on turns out to be the hero of the serial. The daughter of Jayanti, Amala plays an important role as the villain of the serial. She attempts to murder Shalini. Upon knowing the truth about Shalini, she is infuriated and even blackmails her mother. The arrival of Shalini’s father further complicates the life ofJayanti. The crisis that the woman faces – the tough decisions on family or daughter, the pressures of profession taking a toll on her life, the fear of her husband knowing the truth – all woven and brought well in to the script made this serial a very interesting one. However, unlike the usual happy ending serials, this was one which left the audience in tears when the climax saw all their favorite actors ending up in death. An engaging story line and a very talented Kumkumapoovu cast and crew, is what set it apart from other serials in its genre.

Another version of this story...
Kumkumapoovu is a popular Malayalam daily soap that aired on the leading and perhaps the most popular Malayalam entertainment television channel Asianet TV.  Kumkumapoovu continued for a total of 785 episodes and aired for 3 years from 2011 and ended on February 2014. This popular and hit daily drama soap won many accolades and was nominated and was also the winner of many prestigious telly awards. The story of Kumkumapoovu revolves around the sensitive topic of the illegitimacy of a child. The main protagonist of the show is Professor Jayanthi who is happily married with a daughter and a son but has a shady past. She bore an illegitimate daughter before her marriage but was told by her conspiring father that the baby was stillborn.
The baby girl Shalini was bought by a cruel butcher but eventually she ended up in a sophisticated and aristrocratic family who adopted her and raised her as their own daughter along with their son. Fate brings Jayanthi and Shalini together when Shalini’s brother marries Jayanthi’s selfish daughter Amala. And also, Jayanthi’s lover and Shalini’s biological father, who is a famous novelist now comes back into their life. The struggle of Shalini to find her own self and identity and Jayanthi’s guilt feeling upon knowing that Shalini is her own flesh and blood constitutes the remaining plot of the serial.
All the Kumkumapoovu episodes are immensely popular with the crowd till date. All the Kumkumapoovu episodes can be viewed by clicking the link below. We hope that you love all the episodes.