Malayalam Tv Serial Kanakkuyil

Kanakkuyil Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv

Kanakuyil is a drama show in the Malayalam language that was aired on the channel, Asianet. Asianet is the biggest prime-time channel in the Malayalam language. Asianet is a part of the Asianet Communications Limited which is owned by one of the biggest broadcasting networks in India, Star India Network. Kanakuyil is a drama soap opera with a lot of suspense and twists in the plot. The story of the show revolves around the family of a noble policeman, Viswanatha Menon. Viswanatha Menon is a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) in jail.

He lives in Chennai with his family. His family consists of his wife, Geetha and his three daughters, Shyamini, Sindhoori, and Niranjana. Shyamini is the eldest of the three and studies in Music College. Shyamini, the middle sister, is a journalist by profession. Niranjana, the youngest sister, was handicapped by a polio attack at the age of six and is now on a wheel chair. Dr. Harikrishnan has been very closely associated with the family for quite long. He took care of Niranjana’s treatment and helped her get better from a bed-ridden condition.

So the family has a lot of respect and love for him. Harikrishnan and Shyamini are in love with each other. They decide to get married after Shyamini finisher her studies. Life is good for the family so far. Suddenly, one fine day, a young girl named Mrudula is brought into Viswanatha’s jail who is convicted with life imprisonment for murdering her husband. When Viswanatha’s sees the girl’s face, he is terrified with shock. The girl looks exactly like his daughter, Shyamini! Soon after, he finds out that Mrudula is his own daughter from his ex-lover Arya.

Viswanatha loses his mind and talks to Shyamini about this. Shyamini is very understanding about the whole situation and agrees to accept Mrudula as her sister. One day, Viswanathamust let Mrudula out for some task only she can do. She is supposed to come back after the task. But since the law does not permit this, Viswanatha plans of putting Shyamini in jail in place of Mrudula until she comes back from the task. Shyamini happily agrees to make the sacrifice for her sister. Jail superintendent, Mariamma also extends her support for the plan.

Viswanatha is terrified as he has never gone against the law before. The plan is executed, but Mrudula does not come back to jail. Days pass by without any news of her and Viswanatha starts panicking. He cannot share the truth with anyone as it would create massive troubles for everyone. His wife is constantly questioning him about their daughter’s whereabouts. With one daughter on the run and another in jail in her place, Viswanatha, unable to take all this pressure, gets all tensed up and suffers a massive heart attack that kills him. His wife, Geetha is shattered by the death of her husband and her daughter missing. All the responsibilities of the family fall upon Sindhoori’s shoulders.

Everyone tries their best to find Shyamini, but all their efforts go in vain. When Geetha loses all hope, they all consider that Shyamini is dead. Geetha requests Dr. Harikrishnan to marry Sindhoori and help the family. Though Sindhoori is ready for this, Harikrishnan is still not sure about the idea. The only person who now knows that Shyamini is in jail is Mariamma. She reaches her retirement age, and before retiring, she tells Sindhoori the entire truth about Shyamini.

Sindhoori is elated to find out about her sister and rushes to meet her. However, on the way, she receives a call from Dr. Harikrishnan who says that he is ready to marry her. Now Sindhoori is in a deep dilemma now. Is she tells him about Shyamini’s truth, he would refuse to marry her again. And unless Mrudula comes back, Shyamini cannot be saved. Sindhoori decides to marry Harikrishnan and leave Shyamini’s whereabouts unknown for everyone. How all their lives turn out? Will Shyamini ever be free again? Will Sindhoori be able to bury the secret forever? Will Mrudula be found? The show answers these questions in due course. The main and supporting roles in the show are played by both new and popular actors of the Malayalam television industry like Aswathy Thomas, Kalaranjini, Saranya, Sreenath, Sajan Soorya, etc.