Malayalam Tv Serial Innocent Kathakal

Innocent Kathakal Malayalam Tv serials
Innocent Kathakal is a serial released in the 90’s. This is one of the old serials of Malayalam Television industry. This was one of the best comedy serials of the time. Innocent is one of the best actors of Malayalam industry. He is also a story writer, producer and director of this industry. He directed the serial “Innocent Kadhakal” which was aired in the early years of his carrier. He also was the story writer of the serial. There were many stage artists acted in the serial. This serial was the turning point for many stage artists to enter into movies. One of them was BABU one of the present actors of the Malayalam industry. He was given a chance to act in different movies after “Innocent Kathakal” release. In this serial he shares his stories with the public with some comic touch. He also has acted in this show. This one had many stories to tell about the life of his village people. Their though on the movies, politics and about the actor innocent. He also shows the peoples thinking towards an actor or actress. BABU also has played a good role in this serial. The start of 1990’s was a time for stage shows were many mimicry artists were appreciated for their act. They also were given chances through the performance done in the stage. This show also was a helping hand for the artists to enter the cinema world which was a magic world for many those days. Some of the actors who were in this serial also bagged some serials after many years. This program was then stopped with some internal issue and did not continue.