Malayalam Tv Serial Indhumukhi Chandramathi

Indhumukhi Chandramathi Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv
The tele serial Indumukhi Chandramathi, directed by Radhakrishnan Mangalath, belongs to the comedy genre - Another masterpiece which was shot to fame with the artistic talents of Mallika Sukumaran and Manju Pillai. While Mallika Sukumaran acted as the nagging mother in law, Manju Pillai acted the daughter in law, waiting for an occasion to pounce on the mother in law. The series was well accepted by the viewers owing to its originality and the ability to humorize even the most difficult of situations in human life. Every character of the serial was woven around the two lead female characters, both of whom in an attempt to better the other, often end in trouble of some kind or the other. However, with the comic element being an indispensible part of the serial, the viewers were able to receive the same with open hands and hearts. An interesting thing about the serial is that it was closely followed by every other audience in Malayalam irrespective of the class. Indumukhi and Chandramathi were quite household names and people still remember them. After the success of this serial both Mallika and Manju have been seen in similar roles in many serials which are currently running a hit. In this manner it could be said that it was a breakthrough performance for both of them in the television sector. 

(Stopped telecasting in March 2013 in Surya TV)