Malayalam Tv Serial Ezhu Rathrikal

Ezhu Rathrikal Malayalam TV SERIALS on Asianet TV

Ezhu Rathrikal is a horror and supernatural based show which came on the channel Asianet. The program came on every day of the week barring Sundays i.e. from Monday to Saturday in the half an hour time slot between 10:30 PM and 11:00 PM. It premiered on Indian television screens on 6th July 2015. It features a group of friends who all visit a haunted house and their experiences post reaching there. The show got produced by the house of Sree Subramaniam Enterprise. It got helmed by the acclaimed director Krishnan who has handled similar ventures in the past.

The bone chilling and terrifying script and dialogues got penned by the famous Senthil Viswanath. The pace and narrative keep audiences guessing as to what is coming up next. The background music created by Sanand George adds to the effect and transports the audience members into the world where anything can happen. It complements the events playing out on our screens in a brilliant fashion and recreates the effect of a haunted house with precision. The story of Ezhu Ratrikal takes place in the house of Ilanjikkal Tharavadu which got located in a place called Sairandhri Medu.

It got built many years back and used to have a rich history. But over the years, it fell into decay and became a lonely ruin. We get introduced to a group of friends who do not believe in the supernatural stories revolving around this place. They all decide to explore the place for themselves. Their intention is to have a fun time out of the city away from the hustle and bustle of regular life. But upon getting there, they begin to experience things which become more and more difficult to explain. They have different experiences which begin to scare and frighten them.

They start to acknowledge that they might not have made a wise decision coming there but get left without any means to get away and must live through what they are seeing. The actors have done a great job and bring about an air of suspense and fright. Sreeya Ramesh portrays the role of Gauri, Anand plays the role of Hari, Anoosree plays the role of Ponnu, and Amrutha plays the role of Neelima. They get supported by Naveen Arakkal playing the role of Rohith, Souparnika Subhash portraying the character of Mayoori, Naresh Ewar playing the role of Niranajan, and Mani Mayappally portraying the character of Swami Sachidananda.