Malayalam Tv Serial Eeran Nilavu

Eeran Nilavu Malayalam TV SERIALS on Flowers TV

Featured on Flowers TV in Malayalam at 8:30 P.M. from Monday to Thursday, Eeran Nilavu showcases the life of a lonely lady, who is caught up between relationships and tussles.The story goes ahead to show the struggles and challenges faced by foster children in everyday life.A renowned writer, Joycee, has written the script for Eeran Nilavu. This program replaced another serial called Easwaran Sakshiyayi and grabbed the prime time slot of 8:30 P.M. Eeran Nilavu shows the difficulties of a lady, Nandana, played by actress Sarayu Mohan and how she struggles to continue her life amidst challenges. Nandana, daughter of Mr.Shivaraman, is brought up by a step-mother who does not like her.

Nandana goes through a lot of torture in the form of taunts in her life.While returning home one day, Udayan, played by actor Mukundan, chases her. Nandana gets scared and keeps on walking towards her house.Finally, she enters the house and tells her father about the incident. Eventually, she gets into an extra marital relation. As the series progresses, she faces a lot of difficulties in life with her step mother, Jayakumari. Delay in her marriage becomes another reason of her sorrow. She gets humiliated and cursed by her step mother, who wants to get rid of her soon.She begins to hate her life and takes the extreme step of committing suicide.Unable to bear the miserable condition of his daughter, Shivaraman dies of a heart attack. Finally, Nandana’s life changes as she gets identified by her biological mother’s family.

They decide to take Nandana with them. Shows like Eeran Nilavu provide an insight into the life of children brought up by foster parents.Sometimes, foster parents have their children, and they find it very difficult to adjust with adopted ones.As a result, the parents and children go through a lot of pressure, stress, and depression.Sometimes the children might attempt to commit suicide to escape such a situation. Thus, thesecircumstances prove fatal in most of the cases. Joycee, the famous writer, throws light on this subject and explains its effects on living beings. Rare are the cases when foster parents treat adopted child as their own and cherish them forever. Eeran Nilavu also attempts to pinpoint the real-life problems existing in our society.Such programs also help the people to understand the miseries of foster families and how they can overcome them.