Malayalam Tv Serial Ee Vazhitharayil

Ee Vazhitharayil Malayalam Tv serials on Mathrubhumi

The Life, dreams and interests of celebrities and eminent personalities is always of interest to viewers. Ee Vazhitharayil​ is one such show that brings personalities in all walks of social life into the frames of the television. Here, they are portrayed as they are – in their true self. Part interview and Part narration, this television programme is one highly differentiated from similar programs in other channels. Telecasted in Mathrubhumi News, eminent personalities in music, film, politics, literary and social fields have shared their life stories with the viewers through this programme. The show, in a very creative manner, takes the audience through the lives they have lived so far, the crisis they have gone through and the ultimate reach out to success.

A biographical narration, often intervened with the interviews makes this a very interesting television programme. Hearing the story from the person who has experienced it, supported with a prelude from the narrator makes the show an interesting one. However, the invisible interviewer brings in an air of intimacy with the interviewed which is again a highlight of the program. As the name rightly suggests, the show calls for a journey with the celebrity, to walk the ways that they have walked, to see the sights they have seen and to see their life as it is, till date. This is in fact a feast for all those who are ardent followers of the particular celebrity who is in the limelight for the day.