Malayalam Tv Serial Dhimtharikida Thom

Dhimtharikida Thom Malayalam Tv serials on Mathrubhumi
Thirty minutes of pure entertainment at the expense of the political drama happening around us- this is what makes DhimTharikida Thom aired in Mathrubhumi News a hit maker. The recent happenings in the political scenario are taken up for each day. The fun element is added by including the well known songs and dialogues from movies. The success factor of the show is the timely intervention of the anchor George Pulikkan with his most witty dialogues and the apt movie scenes and songs. The fake face of the politicians and the political scenario is shown in its reality. Very often, political celebrities, without them aware, are videographed at different occasions. Later on, they are ideally used in situations that demand their use. Sometimes, the show also portrays very important political decisions in a lighter vein. It is so popular in Kerala that after every election and every political turn of events, viewers eagerly wait for the show. A very judicious use of the democratic rights of the fourth Estate is DhimTharikida Thom. Although on the lighter side, the show strips off the political farce and brings out the realities to the viewers in an interesting way.