Malayalam Tv Serial Devaragam

Devaragam Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv

Devaragam is the story of three girls and their father. The serial depicts the sacrifice of one of the sisters for the sake of another and how she ends in trouble. Born to another mother, Maya is the eldest in the family of three sisters. However she lands up in jail following a twist in the story when she takes up the responsibility of the murder her sister unknowingly commits. Upon her return from the jail she realises that her younger sister is married to her lover and they live a very happy life. The drama that unfolds forms the central theme of the serial. A well-crafted family saga with all the elements that make a family entertainer, Devaragam was well received by the Malayali families. The three daughters who entered the living room still remains in their heart. The serial took a look into the intricacies of a household. The love and trust among the sisters, the sad realizations of truth were all elements of the serial. The serial also had an element of hope – Even when life closes a door, there might be another life awaiting you. This was a message that the serial attempted to speak to the audience(Telecasted in Asianet 2010 to 2012).