Malayalam Tv Serial Deal Or No Deal

Deal Or No Deal Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv
DEAL OR NO DEAL is a world renowned game show in which the participating contestant can win from 1 rupee to grand prize of 50 lakhs. The game begins when the contestant chooses a case in which he or she guesses to contain the highest prize money. Then the contestant is given the chance to remove the other boxes one by one. As the contestant selects each case the amount inside the selected case is immediately revealed. So the amount revealed cannot be inside the case that the contestant has selected for themselves thus increasing or decreasing the chances of winning the grand prize. Throughout the game after a set of cases have been opened the banker offers the contestant an amount of money based on the remaining amounts in play. Then the host asks contestant the question deal or no deal? Based on the contestants answer the game moves forward. If the contestant takes the deal then the game comes to an end meaning that the contestant has accepted the banker’s offer if not the game continues.

The process of selecting cases and opening them continues till the contestant takes the deal or has opened the last case and has found out the amount of money they have won. To keep the game interesting the banker offers lesser amounts in the beginning and changes it accordingly to the amounts remaining in play. A mini quiz is conducted in between to win the jackpot. In that if the contestant answers the question correctly they are given a option to select the case in which they think there is the highest amount available among the amounts in play. The game ends when all cases are opened revealing the contestants case which was selected at the beginning or when the contestant takes the deal that banker offers. If the contestant takes the deal, then all the cases are opened one by one to see how much contestant could have won if they remained in play.

The show was hosted by popular Malayalam actor Mukesh and aired on Surya TV. The show had good TRP’s due to a well known host and fun interesting nature of the game. The show was aired every Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 pm. As it has a well known and fun host in Mukesh it makes for very interesting and fun to watch.

PS: The show aired in Surya TV every Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 pm slot.