Malayalam Tv Serial Crazy Tv

Crazy Tv Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv
CRAZY TV is a comedy satire that brings in a whole new definition for comedy and entertainment. The show contains assortment of various mini programs of various flavor and colour packaged into a single package. Its content ranges from game show to public pranks. The show even features songs as fillers sometimes. Game shows are conducted in public places like theatres, parking lots and in places like schools colleges and offices. The game show contains a crazy task that needs to be completed in order to win against your one on one contestant. The games are both challenging and quirky enough to be both funny and engaging. The TV show also includes skits imitating characters such as James Bond. The skits are extremely funny and comical to watch. The skits are short and crisp making for interesting viewing.

The show also contains a very unusual segment called KADHAYIL CHODYAMILLA it is a segment in which the host of the segment finds very obvious logical blunders that has been overlooked in various movies. Each episode the host rips apart a single scene from famous movies which has neglected logical explanations. CRAZT TV also has a section dedicated to magic. The magician on the show finds common people on the streets and performs a magic trick for the public. The tricks are so simple and complicated at the same time leaving the public and viewers speechless. It is inspired from various street magic shows.

Plying pranks on the public is a very big part of the show. Every episodes the show comes up with new pranks that are fresh unseen before and funnier than anything ever seen before. The host plays a prank on public leaving the viewers in stitches. The show usually wraps up with a song. The show was aired on ASIANET TV. The show aired 23 episodes successfully coming to an end on September 2013.

PS: The show aired on Asianet TV running 23 episodes coming to end in September of 2013.