Malayalam Tv Serial Chodyam Utharam

Chodyam Utharam Malayalam Tv serials on Mathrubhumi
CHODYAM UTHARAM (QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION) is a famous talk show with the host Unni balakrishnan interviewing politicians from all parties including current ministers and MLA’s. This show is known for its straight forward approach with the host Unni balakrishnan interviewing the guest about all the controversies and scandals they are involved in. This show treads all kinds of agendas and ideologies related to the guests. Politicians use this show often to offer an explanation about their stand on various state, national related issues and to clear up controversies .This show follows the path of hugely popular “devil’s advocate”.

This show is currently being aired on Mathrubhumi news on the 10 pm slot all days of the week .It has a wide viewing platform reaching out to all kinds of politically interested spectators. The statements made on this show by V S ACHUTHANANDAN former chief minister of Kerala is predicted to be one of the reason for his ousting from the politburo of his own party in which he served as a member for 24 years. The show is critically acclaimed by all social welfare groups. This show has started to grow into one of the most powerful talk shows in the state of Kerala’s political stage. The viewership has also steadily grown over the years.

PS: This show is currently running on Mathrubhumi news.