Malayalam Tv Serial Bhoomigeetham

Bhoomigeetham Malayalam Tv serials on Kairali tv

Bhoomigeetham is a program which shows the development in the field of farming and agriculture in Kerala known as Gods own Country. The state is known for its beauty which is natural. The greeneries are more in this place as we love to travel to different places for our vacations and trips. This show is telecasted every Saturday at 8:30 a.m. This show is fully dedicated to our farmers. The present world is full of medicines which is affecting our health. The host of the show Siddharth Menon introduces the farmers who are doing innovating farming technique.

The technique of eco-friendly faming is shown in this program that helped many farmer all over Kerala. He also has shown how to cultivate the products organically without any medicine added to the plants. This is one of the important types of farming that helps people grow healthy. The other type of farming has side affects as medicines are sprayed to the plants. The host goes to different parts of Kerala and questions the farmers about the new technique and also shows the steps on how to do that new technique. This techniques and steps are followed by other farmers which will have a change in agriculture world. Then this will continue to grow in the state and even in the country that helps us to have eco-friendly atmosphere and a healthy life. This is the program which encourages the farmers to have a correct and healthy farming technique.