Malayalam Tv Serial Bhagyajathakam

Bhagyajathakam Malayalam TV SERIALS on Mazhavil Manorama TV

Bhagyajathakam is a Malayalam series which is under the direction of Sreejith Paleri. The show first aired on 23rd June 2018 on Mazhavil Manorama. The main female protagonist is played by Shafna Nizam Shauna Nizam is a South Indian film actress. She m >> Read More... as Indulekha. Indulekha, a poor 22 yr old typical young lady who has a living by moving milk! Destined to the sole little girl of well-to-do Shenoy family, she was deserted by the family during childbirth! Presently being received by some other family, she lives with them and makes due by pitching milk to the area on an everyday premise. All of a sudden one day her fortunes changed.

The commitment of the sole child of a similar family's present head Mr. Shenoy (Indulekha's maternal uncle) got dropped because of issues with horoscope. As indicated by the celestial prophet who analyzed Shenoy's child's horoscope, the plain first lady of the hour will kick the bucket hopelessly inside a half year of getting married. The adroit Shenoy then chose to look for a fiscally poor young lady for their child after briefly holding the marriage with the rich young lady. Presently It was Indulekha who was picked by Shenoy for the reason and entered the Shenoy family as the little girl in law.

Without realizing that it was her very own mom who was oppressed by the senior Shenoy, she began her new part of life in a similar house with her real mother. Time went by and nothing happened to Indulekha even following a half year. Shenoy got stressed and called a similar celestial prophet who understood that expectation turned out badly because of wrong birth time is given and this was stun to Shenoy. The crystal gazer likewise understood that Indulekha's horoscope is a fortunate one and this further disappoints Shenoy. He currently needed to dispose of Indulekha at any expense and her life again takes turned further hopeless.