Malayalam Tv Serial Artha Chandrante Rathri

Artha Chandrante Rathri Malayalam Tv serials on Amrita tv

Amrita TV launched the new classic serial ‘Artha Chandrante Rathri’ in July 2011. The show telecasted every week from 4thJuly’2011 at 9:00 pm. The plot of the story of the serial has been taken from the Punjabi novel Adh Chandini Raat, which was written by Gurdial Singh. The story revolves around the rivalry between the lords and the farmers. The struggle seen from decades had no more resolved and it had grown to the extent that there is now a feeling of jealousy, hatred, and revenge between the two. This bitterness has increased with decades. This jealousy leads to pit brother against brother. The characters in the story get involved to an extent that they kill their own relations. The story is about the agrarian society, still present under the burden of feudalism, a village where farmers are mentally as strong as they are physically strong.

The most popular man in the area is Balan, who has Midas touch and can change anything into gold just by a mare touch. But as no story has only good people, this story also had some people with evil eyes on Balan’s success, notable that of Chandrasekharan, the dominant lord. Trying to trap his foe, he puts false charges on Balan and with his money and power, feeds the authority to give the decision in his favor. And then and there his wealth gave him the victory. Balan is arrested and brutally assaulted by the police. He is badly beaten, dying with extreme mental and physical pressure and humiliation. Madhavan, Balan’s eldest son, takes revenge from the cruel lord by shooting him in the darkness.

For this act, he spends eight years of the young age in jail for his crime. After completing his punishment, he comes out of the jail after eight years. Suddenly the place where he was born, the friends with whom he played, the relatives who visited him often had grown strangers to him. The most difficult and painful sight was seeing his younger brother, Sajan close to Chandrasekharan’s family, his their father’s murderers. Now he was left alone in this world. Living in such an environment, Madhavan finds himself attracted towards a widow. Finally realizing his feelings for her, he decides to spend the rest of his life with her.

Just when he had moved away from his loneliness and was happy living with his family, Sajan, who was completely indulge with Chandrasekharan’s family was planning against his brother. One can see the story in 2 ways. In one way it is about the dominance that the people who are considered the lower cast have been facing from years and the more powerful and dominant ones are living their best lives. This situation is passed on from generation to generation, and there had been no change. On the other hand, it can be viewed as the sadness and ill effects of the loneliness that individuals face. In whatever way the audience watches it, it is a wonderful serial to watch.