Malayalam Tv Serial Ammakkili

Ammakkili Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv
Ammakili is a famous Malayalam drama TV serial, broadcasted on Asianet channel every Monday to Friday. The show was premiered on April 4, 2011 and ended on February 2013, under the production of Sandra Communications and directed by Faisal Adimadi. It was called as the number 1 Serial in Asianet channel after some time of being aired.

The story is about Dr. Indu, her husband and three daughters namely, Devika, Gopika and Jyothika. Dr. Indu and family live a peaceful life, until a sudden incident happens in their life as they encounter some people who try to ruin their happiness and brings adversaries to their life. The serial shows Dr. Indu’s sacrifices and her sorrow for the sake of her family. Surprising incidents and variations happens along the way to test how Dr. Indu strives to save her family from their destroyers.

The show starred small screen faces like Seema, Kumarakom Reghunath, Archana, Dr. Shaju, Rajesh Hebbar who played the role of Dr. Koshy, along with Beena Anthony and Sajitha Betti.