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Amma is a Malayalam drama television series broadcasted on Asianet channel. The show was premiered on January 2, 2011 and has completed over 700 episodes as of July 2014. Amma is a remake of the Bengali TV series, MAA on Star Jalsha Television Channel.

The story unfolds the story of Chinnu who lives in the street all her life. Her real name is Ponnu and she belongs to the Poomangalam family who was kidnapped by Heera when she was five. Ponnu was directed to Mallika, who brought her up with all affection. Mallika called Ponnu by the name Chinnu, and as she grows, she was the top pick pocketer in the gang. But she treasured many decent qualities in her and was a saviour to one and all in the team. She was the most favorite Chinnu for everyone who knew her.

Poomangalam Tharvadu comes from the popular Judge Govinda Menon (played by Ibrahim Kutty Ibrahim Kutty is a famous actor from Kerala, and h >> Read More... Ibrahim Kutty ). His wife is Subadra and they have three sons namely Sharath, Anand and Praksh. Ponnu is actually the daughter of Sharath and Lakshmi. The story will reveal how Chinnu returns to her real family after facing different obstacles. Amma is a wonderful tele drama series that tells the story of the vagueness that a girl of a young age has to experience on her life and how fate takes her away from her close relatives and her struggles when a group of persons whom she trusts plays double games to create traps. The serial moves through dynamic sequences which touches the hearts of the audience.

Amma is produced by Sreesaran Creations and directed by Adithyan. The show starred Malavika, Sreekala Sasidharan Sreekala Sasidharan now known as Sreekala Vipin, >> Read More... Sreekala Sasidharan , Sharath, Niya Renjith Niya Renjith was born on 10th December 1980 in Koc >> Read More... Niya Renjith , Krishna Gayatri and more.