Malayalam Tv Serial Aluvayum Mathikariyum

Aluvayum Mathikariyum Malayalam TV SERIALS on Asianet Plus

Aluvayum Mathikariyum is a Malayalam show airing on Asianet Plus. The show is a weekend fixture for the channel, airing every Friday and Saturday. The theme of the show is mostly comedy and relating to the comical fighting between two neighbouring women. The show is broadcasted from 9.30 to 10 PM. Starting from April 2016 and has currently running for three seasons it has a total of 64 episodes. The two protagonists of the show, “Rani Menon” and “Sundharimol”, cannot stand in sight with each other. They both are from respected families and often find themselves arguing with each other, and treating each other as competition. These petty matters over which the two women disagree are not gone unnoticed by their families, who often end up being unwillingly involved in their minor disagreements.

The families include their husbands, in-laws, parents, etc. Set in a colony of wealthy families, which provides an appropriate background for both women and their trivial matters with one another. For example, the Onam celebrations in the locality caused a cause of contention between the two lead characters, both of whom willing to display a certain talent and outshine the other. The cast of the show includes “ Lekshmi Priya” as Rani Menon and “ Beena Antony” as Sundharimol. The acting of the two leading ladies adds zest to the show, making it watchable for one and all. Other actors involved in the serial are “T.P. Madhavan”, “Reshmi Anil” and “Poojapurra Ravi”, who perfectly capture the feelings of frustration towards this strange and intense relationship between the women.

The script is written by Alby and direction is carried out under the guidance of Prada Nooranad. Anantha Padmanabhan serves as the producer of the serial. For a brief period, the show was in the limelight for the controversy surrounding the director and Lakshmi Priya, when the director allegedly demanded her to leave the set when she requested permission to exit after shooting. The controversy soon blew over, however, and the show returned to its track. The specialty of the show lies in the fact that, it can take something as serious as rivalry and place a light-hearted twist on it. The family-centric nature makes the show an enjoyable program to be watched by the entire household, providing comic relief at the end of long and strenuous weeks.