Malayalam Tv Serial Akkamma Stalinum Pathrose Gandhiyum

Akkamma Stalinum Pathrose Gandhiyum Malayalam tv-serials on Asianet TV

Akkamma Stalinum Pathrose Gandhiyum is a political comedy drama which is originally telecasted in Malayalam and released in January 2015 and running till now on Asianet TV. This will be on air at 10.30 PM from Monday to Friday. The director of the serial is Manu Sudhakar, and the writer is Krishna Das. The two leading roles of the serial are done by Veena Nair as Akkamma Stalin and Kalabhavan Shaju as Pathros Gandhi. This is produced by Lathika Sibi. The other characters of the serial are Nehru Lenin as their son and Vijayakumari as Mariyamma and Azeez as Appukuttan.

The serial is around the two characters Akkamma Stalin and Pathrose Gandhi. It reveals the actual political crisis between them; they are married to each other and have a son Nehru Lenin. But their views on the political parties are different, and the humor developed at their arguments about their different political view highlights the show. They belong to different parties, and Pathrose was the president of Kannanghatta panchayat whereas Veena was against that and belonged to other party. The core of the show is the comedy between their views which reveals the state's actual political condition and even though they fight each other on political views, they will be happy on personal life