Malayalam Tv Serial Abhinethri

Abhinethri Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv
Abhinethri is a Malayalam TV mega Serial that was broadcasted on Surya TV channel every Monday to Friday at 730PM. The show was premiered on February 11, 2013. Abhinethri is the first mini serial under Lumiere Film Company. And because of that, the serial comes with a phrase of, ‘A non-stop cinema’. Malayalam leading actors Mukesh and Sreenivasan are the producers of Abhinethri. And another factor that made the serial special was that, Surekha, an old Malayalam actress, plays a leading role in the serial.

Abhinethri was a tale about a young girl and her mother. The girl was from a poor family who gets married to a rich family and from there, problem started to arise.

The serial was a great disappointment for viewers who had great expectations from the promos and promises. The serial only lasted 31 episodes and was ended on 26th March 2013 without further or prior notice.