Malayalam Awards Vanitha Film Awards 2008

Vanitha Film Awards 2008 is an award function which came on the Surya TV channel. It felicitates members of the Malayalam television and cinema world for outstanding contributions made during the year of 2008. The jury for the prestigious awards consists of eminent members of the film and television fraternity. They have all contributed in various capacities to the development of cinema in the modern world and have made a special mark for themselves. They judged and analyzed the various movies which got released during the year on various fronts and finally took the call of deciding which were the very best of them.

The awards ceremony got organized by the Vanitha group. This annual exercise awards some of the best performers and contributors in the film circuit. It aims at finding and promoting talent which stands out. The evening saw the entire Malayalam film fraternity come together in this act of celebration. Some of the biggest names in the industry got seen applauding their co-stars and coming out in strong numbers to support them all. They also put up a number of dazzling performances to some of the best tracks of the past year. They put up some truly riveting sequences which were nothing less than works of art themselves.

The awards function got instituted as a tribute to the artistic as well as technical excellence displayed every year in the realms of Malayalam language cinema. It has gathered immense popularity with large segments of the audience over the many years since its launch. It boasts of being one of the most admired award functions to get organized within Kerala. It has a rich and strong legacy which has enabled to establish a niche position in the industry. The awards got seen as a mark of honor and respect and features as one of the most awaited shows throughout the year by all members of the Malayalam film community.

Superstars such as Asin who have become big names not just in Malayalam but also the Hindi film industry have graced the stage on multiple occasions. The size and scale of the event are truly magnanimous. The platform gets used to honor and felicitate legends of the world of movies as well. This highlights the impact and effect their work has had on the film industry. These veterans have truly shaped the industry with the work and dedication, placing it on the national map and forcing the world to take note.