Malayalam Awards Jaihind Film Awards 2013

Jaihind Film Awards 2013 Malayalam tv-shows on Jaihind TV


Jaihind Film Awards 2013 is an award ceremony that came on the Jaihind channel. The event felicitates the members belonging to the Malayalam film world for the outstanding contributions that they made in the year 2013. The event got held in Thrissur in the state of Kerala. This marked the seventh time the annual function got organized. The jury consisted some eminent personalities of the cinema fraternity. They all have contributed in varying capacities towards the development of movies in modern times and have gone on to make a special mark of their own. They judged all the movies that got screened in 2013 and analyzed them on various fronts. It was a difficult call adjudging who was truly the best amidst the host of talent seen.

The annual exercise makes an effort at recognizing the very best contributors as well as performers in the movie industry. It targets at finding as well as promoting talent which exists out there. The evening stood witness to most of the Malayalam cinema fraternity coming together for an evening of celebration. The most sought after names in the film circuit got seen applauding for their co-stars. They came out in strong numbers to support all of them. The stars even put up a series of dazzling performances along the best tracks heard in the past year. They performed some riveting sequences that would get considered nothing short of works of art. Jaihind TV is a regional channel which provides Malayalam language programs. It got headquartered within the city of Trivandrum located within Kerala.

The network got launched in the year of 2007 on the 17th August by Sonia Gandhi acting in her capacity of the Chairperson of the UPA as well as the President of the INC. The inauguration got held in Delhi, and the event saw attendance by eminent personalities belonging to the world of media as well as politics. The channel boasts of delivering content that is tailor-made and suited to sensibilities of the members of the Indian audience. Jaihind TV along with its activities get promoted by different members belonging to the Congress party.

The channel also got support as well as contributions from members of the NRI community staying abroad. Aniyankutty, who is a very successfully business person from Dubai, serves as this channel’s joint chairperson. Vijayan Thomas, who is himself a business person in Dubai, partnered him on this venture as their joint chairperson. Both of them look after the operations of the channel in unison. M.M. Hassan stepped into the shoes of the Managing Director. The CEO of the channel was K. P. Mohanan.