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Anand TV Film Awards Malayalam AWARDS on Asianet TV

The awards ceremony has always been a grand celebration in any industry be it corporate or films or painting or any other art form. But unlike awards ceremony in other fields, film awards are highly praised, watched, and celebrated for their sheer grandeur. They are the only awards that are telecasted on such a large scale throughout the world on many networks. They are also watched religiously by many people, almost all of them waiting for their favorite actor or director to win the awards. This is the reason why there’s so much buzz around Academy awards or Filmfare Awards or National Awards. There are countless other awards too that aim to felicitate artists that have done outstanding work in their respective field.

Anand TV Film Awards is one such award that aims to achieve the same. Anand award is introduced by Asianet to felicitate talented artists from the Malayalam film industry for their outstanding achievement in their respective fields. One of the most-watched programs on the channel is the Anand TV Film Awards. The award show was introduced in 2016 with its first broadcast. Soon, because of its authenticity, the award ceremony became one of the most popular awards in the Malayalam film industry. The award takes place every year in June or July. The most popular broadcast, however, of the award has been the 2nd edition of the award that aired in August in 2017. This edition was popular for the reason that it was attended by the very popular celebrity from Bollywood, Anil Kapoor and he was also awarded for his outstanding contribution to the Hindi cinema.

Nivin Pauly also won the title of the best actor in his film ‘Action Hero Biju’. All of this made the 2nd edition particularly very popular among the television audience. The 3rd and 4th editions were very successful too and cemented the award show’s reputation as being fair and authentic.  The 3rd edition was aired on the 5th of August 2018 and was attended by a massive crowd. Mohanlal won the best actor for his role in the film ‘Mundirivallikal Thalirkkumbol’. Fans of Mohanlal caused a huge buzz, resulting in ground-breaking ratings for the show as well as the channel Asianet. The subsequent success of the show has compelled the network to continue with the show for upcoming years.