Kannada Tv Show Super Cop

Super Cop Kannada TV SHOWS on TV9 Kannada

Super cop is a famous Kannada TV program which airs on Tv9 kannada.Tv9 Kannada was launched on June 22; 2006.It is a 24 hour popular Kannada news channel. Super cop is a television program which talks about all the crime news. It informs its viewers about all the recent happening in the crime field and awakens their consciousness about their safety.

It is a good show which is very detailed and systematic about all the information given and does not miss out on any news materials just because of their level of seriousness. It makes people aware of all the criminals who are roaming freely on this earth and how one should be careful and aware as to avoid talking to them or reporting them to police instead of avoiding it completely as it may lead to harm for someone else. It is a very important show to watch as it gives them courage and confidence to its viewers to fight back with the wrong people in the society who try to rule the earth with their money and power.

It is hosted by a woman wearing a police uniform and informing the viewers about all the cases. It talks about many important as well as non-important cases and gets many unsolved crimes to light by talking about it in the show. It has a good amount of viewership as people like to keep themselves updated about things even related to crime. It is a very necessary show to watch for the public as it does not shy away from talking about any criminal cases or try to soften it up for them. It gives proper and correct information and gives straightforward answers to the inquisitive audience.

The show was correct and straightforward and did not confuse the audience with sugary and mixed up words. Audience liked to watch the show for its appropriate and accurate representation of the crimes. Super Cop never spoke about fake cases or false cases which do not exist and are said just for the sake of TRP. They always proved their points with correct facts and points which made the show all the more authentic and real.

The episodes are available in YouTube and many other online sites and can be watched by its dedicated viewers on the web.