Kannada Tv Show Sms Manthra

Sms Manthra Kannada tv-shows on Udaya Music

Sms Manthra is a Kannada music show aired on Udaya Music. Udaya music is a channel that had different shows all of which aired music or music-related things in Kannada. The show aired all-time hit songs, newly released songs, songs from independent musicians, and other songs in the Kannada language. The show was based on requested music by viewers. The show had a list of songs scrolling at the bottom of the TV screen. These songs can be identified with a number assigned to them. To play their favorite song, people had to message the code number of the song with the name of the song. Name of the viewer who is requesting the song and a message they want to share. They had to send all this information on a given number, after that the channel play that song and in the left corner of the TV screen it showed the name of the viewer who requested it with the message.

These songs were pre-decided and chosen by the creators of the show. Songs selected to play had a massive fan following. They shared the detail related to songs as the name of the song, name of the singer who sang the song, movie name and label that produced the song. In the show sometimes they showed lyrics of the songs playing on the screen.