Kannada Tv Show Savalige Sai

Savalige Sai Kannada TV SHOWS on UDAYA TV

Savalige Sai is a Kannada TV show that aired on Udaya TV around the year 2018. Everyone loves watching game shows. The light - hearted atmosphere makes the viewers forget about all their worries. Usually having silly challenges that are time bound, this friendly competition reminds one of their school days. There is always a winner or a loser, but in game shows, everyone is a winner. The end result is that everyone should enjoy and have a good time together.

Savalige Sai is one such game show with a twist and it does not invite common people. Rather this series features TV personalities, who have already made their mark in other shows. The winner takes home prize money and the loser has to complete different types of challenges. Usually the tasks are very easy but certain additional conditions make them more difficult.

Season one of this show was a super hit. Jointly hosted by Niranjan Deshpande and Nithya Ram, the show won the heart of the audience. The young and bubbly Nithya Ram’s claim to fame was her portrayal of Nandhini in the hugely popular Tamil serial Nandini. She brought the same charm to her role as the co-hostess in Savalige Sai. Niranjan Deshpande is a former Bigg Boss contestant. His jovial nature ensured that everyone had a fun time while participating.