Kannada Tv Show Pyate Mandi Kadige Bandru Season 1

Pyate Mandi Kadige Bandru Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Pyate Mandi Kadige Bandru is a reality TV show on Suvarna TV. The series is a follow-up to Halli Hyda Pyateg Banda. Suvarna TV has gained itself the reputation of being very innovative and pushing the Kannada TV industry one step ahead with every program that they have launched.

They have been known for bringing fresh concepts to TV and getting excellent TRP ratings in return. Halli Hyda Pyateg Banda was a new groundbreaking serial on Suvarna TV, which was a sequel to the show Pyate Hudgir Halli Lifu. All three shows have been hosted by Akul Balaji, who is a popular actor and dancer. Pyate Mandi Kadige Bandru (City Folks Came to the Forest) is unlike the previous two serials. This series follows twelve girls and boys who would go to Dandeli, a tribal area 600km’s from Bangalore, and they have to live how a tribal lives every day, for 60 days. They would be under the scrutiny of the head of the tribe. The boys and girls are chosen based on the lifestyles they have in the city, they generally have very luxurious, easy-going lifestyles. Once they are in the village they have to face very uncertain situations and are always on their toes.

The whole series as a combination and this series in itself make the Suvarna Television Channel a trendsetter, for showing such innovation in Television Broadcasting. Pyate Mandi Kadige Bandru has been the highest rated TV show on Television under the Kannada language. The popularity of the series with the audience is uncanny as they have created Facebook fan pages for the contestants, on which they reverently comment and discuss every episode. The shows are available to watch online as well for fans of the show outside India such as Canada, USA, and Australia.