Kannada Tv Show Naaniruvudhe Nimagaagi

Naniruviude Nimagagi Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Naaniruvudhe Nimagaagi is a TV Show in which people’s wishes come true. The host of this show is Shiva Rajkumar. Broadcast on Zee Kannada channel, the motive of this show is to help people in need. There is a phone number displayed on the screen at the end of the show and those who are in need could contact and seek help. The whole procedure of fixing their audience’s difficulties is shown in detail. The problem is explained in detail to the audience and the steps are taken to rectify that problem. Shiva Rajkumar handles all the cases. It is a really inspirational and innovative show and it has proved beneficial to many people. This show is true to its name, which is all about making the wishes of people true. It fulfills the wish of ordinary people with an extraordinary zest for life. 

This show is based on a unique concept. It helps those in need and is shows how people face different problems in their lives.