Kannada Tv Show Mantra Saara

Mantra Saara Kannada tv-shows on Udaya Music

Mantra Saara is an initiative by Udaya music to showcase devotional chants and hymns to start your day calmly and pleasantly. This is a one hour show featuring devotional songs in Kannada. The show is dedicated to telling the greatness of God and goddess believed in Hindu dharma. The show starts at 7 am and ends at 8 am. In this one hour slot, they feature different songs dedicated to the gods and goddesses.

While playing the songs in each episode, they feature different temples throughout India. In every episode, they show different temples, situated in different parts of India. They tell about the god and goddess in the temple, and then they tell the history of the temple. In the show, they tell the viewers about the rituals that happen in the country.

India is a country with more than 33 crore god and goddess. So in India, there are more than a million temples with more than a million gods and goddesses situated there. The show in each episode tries to explore a different temple and their cultural rituals. The show features the songs that are specially made for the god situated in the temple. For example, when they showcase any temple having the statue of Lord Shiva, they play songs that tell about him. When they showcase temples that worship goddess Lakshmi, they feature hymns and chants related to goddess Lakshmi. Each temple has different rituals of how one should worship gods situated in that temple. The temple decodes all these rituals based on each temple.

This is a perfect show for people who believe in Hindu culture and want to know about the diversity of Indian gods and goddesses. This is a program for somebody who wants to start their day by listening to the hymns of Hindu gods.