Kannada Tv Show Kathe Alla Jeevana - Season 2

Nowadays, a lot of the commercial arts are being generated and produced, either based on or inspired by, true events, stories, or incidents; may it be cinemas, television serials, or even novels. But what proves to be striking out the most in the eyes of the people are “Reality TV Shows”. “ Kathe Alla Jeevana” is another such reality television show, which has triumphed in catching the attention of the masses. Focused on uncovering actual happenings, that needs to be told and heard, this show unravels the vast reality that somehow fails to come out to the face of the world.

The first season, when it launched in 2009, received tons of positive reviews and appreciations from its viewers.But it was discontinued for varied grounds and motives. With season 2, as a comeback, the show claimed its rightful space back to popularity. “Kathe Alla Jeevana” is a popular reality talk show. It showcases a series of real life stories that are not just inspiring, but they inexplicably connect with the viewers as well. The highlight of this season is that every character is provided a podium to voice his or her opinion, and share their individual views, which in turn creates a thorough and boundless impact on the viewers.

The show also comprises of a live public audience, a jury, and celebrities who represent psychological, legal, and social domains. The resolution section of this show unveils the verdict made by the celebrities before the host announces the final decision, and eventually takes it to the viewers. This season brings in a new host; Dr. Jayamala. She is a renowned film actress, a producer, a Member of the Legislative Council, and is highly honored in the society. Her presence, along with her uncompromising decision-making abilities, entices the show’s audiences to their seats and grasp the limelight for the stories they deserve.

The twenty-fifth episode is dedicated to the children who are born differently abled. Kaivalya makes an appearance in this episode and quotes her sorrow and distress towards tending to an autistic child. Later, Arvindashri puts light on her life, as a mother, parenting a child with Down’s syndrome. In the twenty-sixth episode, the stage is shared with the host of “Pyate Hudugir Halli Life” and its participants – Deepthi, Ragshree, Akshata, and Santosh. They talk about their share of experiences, which changed their lives.