Kannada Tv Show Just Maath Maathalli

Just Maath Maathalli Kannada TV SHOWS on SUVARNA TV

The maximum numbers of the fans are attracted toward the drama and romantic love story. The Indian channel has recognised the taste of the audience. Therefore, it gives the romantic genre drama which people love to watch and, they can increase the TRP value. The concept of the love marriage is not new to the audience. As a result, this time Tamil industry has created the different theme but, the same concept of the love story. Of course, there will be some extra edge to this tradition. What is in the Just Maath Maathalli, we will tell you about this in a detailed manner.

To give the tough competition to the rival channels, the channel is planning to launch something different than the habitual drama. Hence, Star Suvarna TV has launched the new show Just Maath Maathalli. It started on the 15 August 2016. The channel has started this new show to give the competition to the Udaya TV. Both are the close competitor of each other. The show will be based on the fictional drama. The run time is around 22 minutes on the screen. As we have discussed earlier, the love genre script got the maximum number of the fans.

In the same way, the concept of the Just Maath Maathalli works on this. It is the love story of Yash and, Sindhu. Both of them are opposite in nature. Their marriage is fixed but, after some time the marriage does not happen. So, with the pace of the time, this young couple attracted towards each other and, drama begins. Yash is playing the role of the Radio Jockey while Sindhu is a teacher. The Dilip Raj has given the direction and production for the Just Maath Maathalli. He is also an actor. The cinematography was done by the Manu Yaplar. The Byres has written the script.

The Sharath is playing the role of the Yash and, Rashmi is in the role of the Sindhu. The Richard Louis will be found in the role of the Yash’s father. Other cast of the show is Deepthi, Ashwin Hasan, Shiva Kumar, Meenakshi, Chandrakala Mohan, and, Vaishnavi. The Just Matth Maathalli is airs on the Star Suvarna TV. It is broadcasted on Monday and, Saturday only. The time to catch this show is from 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM. If you have missed the episode, re-catch it at the same day, at the same channel at 11:30 PM.