Kannada Tv Show Drama Juniors

Drama Juniors Kannada TV SHOWS on ZEE KANNADA

Drama Juniors is a Kannada language TV show. This show has been featured on one of the biggest Kannada language channels known as Zee Kannada. Zee Kannada has always provided its audience with great shows of different genres like; daily soaps, reality shows, game shows and many more. Drama Juniors is a reality show. It is made for the kids to bring out the acting talent in them. Kids of the age group 4 to 14 years can participate in this reality show. The show believes that children cannot just bustle and play, but if more attention is given to them, their talent of acting can get a huge platform.

Master Anand H. Anand, initially credited as Master Anand, is a >> Read More... is the host of this huge TV show. The show is judged by three eminent personalities of the industry who can critically judge the drama performances by the kids and bring out the best in them and also deal with the children in a good way. The judges of the TV show were Lakshmi, Vijay Raghavendra Born in Bengaluru, Vijay Raghavendra is an Indian >> Read More... and T. N. Seetharam. The TV show was aired on 30th April 2016. The contestants of the TV show were Puttaraju Hugar, Amogh S P, Mahendra Prasad, Chitraali Tejpal Bolar, Tushar Gowda, M Achintya Puraik, Tejaswini Shivprashad, Praneet P, A S Suraj, Nihaal Sagar Vishnu, Arjun, Aditya MAnohar, Abhishek Rayanna, Amogh M Kerur, Anshika K M and Araghya Sai.

In the reality show the kids have to perform various acts. These acts can be of any genre; comedy, sad, serious, film scenes, portraying film characters and much more. The participants also perform acts which are based on special themes. Different episodes have different themes. Also, there are episodes which are dedicated to great actors, actresses and, directors. In such episodes the kids have to perform acts which are directly related to such eminent personalities of the industry.

The TV show brings out the best talent among the kids and motivated them to work for the entertainment industry. This is a huge platform for the kids to showcase their skills and open ways for them towards the big movies and entertainment industry. The judges judge the performances which help in deciding who goes ahead and who has to leave the show. The TV show has been won by Putaraj and Chitraali. They were the joint winners of Drama Juniors. The TV show has been loved by the audience.