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Devi vs. Deva is a new concept TV program in Karnataka. It is telecasted every Sunday at 11 am and keeps the viewers engaged for the entire duration of the show. It is a movie review program, where there are two hosts who host the show. Out of the two hosts, one is a lady and one is a man. The girl usually dresses up as an angel or a fairy and the man always dresses up as a skeleton and together they host the show and review different movies. The movie reviews are not just restricted to Sandalwood. They also review Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Every episode, they select some of the new or recently released movies and talk about them and explain the plot without ruining the suspense. They discuss the actors and actresses performance in the movie and talk about their best scenes. They discuss all this with a comical touch to it. The male and female hosts taunt each other and pull each other's leg as they are supposed to be two complete opposite entities, an angel, and a devil. It is broadcasted on Raj Musix Kannada.

Raj Musix Kannada is a 24-hour music channel in Karnataka. Launched on 14 February 2011, it has many popular shows and programs in its kitty. Devi vs. Deva is one such program. It keeps the audience, or viewers informed about all the latest movies and its box office ratings and the audience reaction. This show has a good rating and a good fan following as almost everybody loves to watch movies, and due to many reasons, one misses out on some movie and cannot watch it in the theater. Instead of waiting for a long time for it to come on TV, they just watch the show and get to know the basic plot and the ratings of the movie.

Many like to watch a movie only after the movie has been declared a hit. For such people, this show is very apt. They can tune in every Sunday and watch the recently released movies synopsis and the audience’s reaction to it and then decide to go for the movie or not. It is a funny and lighthearted show where the hosts just try to make you laugh with their hilarious dialogue delivery and comic timing on the show. It is a must watch show for all the movie buffs.