Kannada Tv Show Confident Star Singer

Confident Star Singer Kannada TV SHOWS on Star Suvarna

Confident Star singer is a music reality show that started airing on Dec 10 from Monday to Friday at 8.00 PM. The confident groups are the sponsors of the show. This show is about the journey of the younger generation to become famous on the large screen. This show is the right platform for talented personalities with a powerful combination of excellent singing quality and entertaining voice. This show exhibits the best young singing talents in the world. Here is an undeniable opportunity to the person with an aspiring tone that the winner of the finals of the show has the golden chance to work with the music director Guru Kiran and a flat in Bangalore. The first round of the program consists of a hundred and one contestants selected from fifty thousand applicants.

The judging panel of the show holds the trio of music director Guru Kiran, playback singer Nandita and musician Praveen D Rao. Not only can individuals participate in this show, but also groups are allowed. They not only sing but also play musical instruments. They sync the song with the music while singing rap hits. They dance enthusiastically. The dedication and pleasing voice of the participants score more grades. Apart from the judging panel and the audience place, the set provides a realistic ambiance to the participants.

After every song, the participants give an introduction about them and their specialty in singing. This show celebrated the hundred and fiftieth episode fabulously, and the star actors of Kannada congratulated the singers. They also celebrate valentine’s day special episode. The show continues with great zeal and heavy competition. All the participants are eager to grab the offer. There are various rounds for the contestants to reach the final. Lakshmi Natraj was the winner of the first season, followed by Manoj as the second runner up and Nithin as third runner up.