Kannada Tv Show Chota Champion 3

Champions Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv

Chota Champion 3 is a Kannada television children's competitive show that airs on Zee Kannada. The previous seasons of the show aired on weekends. So the fans expect the same for this show. The famous host of the channel Surjan Lokesh is the host of the show. The previous seasons took place that the host invites the children one by one. The host introduces the child with the name before the studio audience. The team plays the small video presentation, which depicts the child atrocities of the ward. Then the contestant, along with their parents, enter the game stage. Surjan, asks the children to perform their favorite dance, song, or skit. Then he asks questions to their parents about the children and them. The studio audience is the family members of the contestant. Then they move to the first round of the show. Gelaby stands for a gentleman, lady, and Baby. In this round, the host sent the child with their mother or father to the secret mother. The one who left should stand in the game stage. In the strange room, there will be several items.

They keep different kinds of articles related to the childlike a box with some general things and a tray with household items. In case of items related to the contestant, the host asks the mother to father to reveal the favorite thing of the participant. If the ward chooses the same thing as the father said, then they can bag the prize. If it was the box with general things or a tray with household items, they comprehend the same rules. Hence the father’s or mother’s answer should match the child’s response. The prize for this round is Rs.5000. Then the host sent them out and called out the next contestant. When everyone completes the first round, they move for the second round. That is Jantar Manthar. In this father should go inside the room while the mother should be on the stage. Here the host gives the other one some clues. In the secret room, they hide the food items in the animal toys. Only the father and mother can interact through a mic to convey the clues inside the strange room. The mother should communicate the clues to the father in the room. He should say it to the children.

The contestant should find them and give them to their parent. The parent should completely eat the food item. Then they move to the next clue and follow the same rules. The last question is that they keep several boxes in the room. In the box, there are questions in which the answers are the years that are related to the parents. He should write the number on the board and add all the values. He should calculate till the answer is correct. When he says, the accurate answer, the timing is closed, and the time is noted in the round. Then the host sent them out and called out the next contestant. The final round goes with those who took first place consolidated from previous cycles. They give the other contestants prizes, and only the winner of the circle should stand on the stage. Surjan asks the participant, along with one of the family members, to move to the room. In front of them, there will be nine balls kept, one near the other. Under the ball, there is a sheet, and the sheet contains the numbers. The child should take one ball and say the number under it. At the same time, the host keeps nine toys on the table. The nine toys consist of eight variety of prize amount, and one is Surjan’s photo. When the child says the number, they should break the boxes and can able to see what is in them. If they agree with the content in the box, they can take it, or else the host gives them five chances, and they should accept one of the opportunities. Finally, the contestant, along with the parents, should take the gifts and prize amount. The viewers expect the same in their season with extra entertainment and zeal.