Kannada Tv Show Campus Kathegalu

Campus Kathegalu Kannada tv-shows on Udaya Music

Campus Kathegalu is a Kannada television program which airs on Udaya TV. This show follows the host around as he travels the whole of Karnataka visiting different colleges every episode. The students all come forward and showcase their talent on the show and feel appreciated. They dance or sing while their friends and classmates cheer them on.

The host talks with the students and spends time with them and makes the viewers see the life and happenings in different colleges. It provides a platform for many students to come on TV and bring their talent to the public's eye view. The students share their fun-filled campus stories with the host which is sweet and fun to hear.

The show aims at making the viewers go through a flashback of their times in college. Everybody’s college life is one of the best years of their life. Everybody looks back with tears of happiness and nostalgia in their eyes and looking at other college students makes the old memories come rushing back to us. To revive this feeling Udaya TV came up with the concept of campus Kathegalu. It even makes the families of the students happy who have come on screen as almost everybody loves to be on TV or loves to catch a glimpse of themselves or their near and dear ones on TV.

The stories told by the students and teachers are fun and make the audience laugh out loud at funny stories. It also makes the viewers know about the various colleges in their state which they may or may not know about. It provides the basis for knowledge for many people who want to know abut various colleges, their infrastructure, their crowd, and the type of people studying in that college. In short, it is a youth related popular TV show which talks about the college life of colleges situated in Karnataka and the campus stories of these colleges. The viewers can get an idea of the unity of the friends in a college and their bonding.

The host even visits some colleges on their fresher’s day and lifts up the mood of the students by presenting their freshers on TV and complimenting them if they perform well. It is a youth show which has a good enough rating and the viewership is mainly the college goers or the young generation.