Kannada Tv Show Bigg Boss Kannada 1

Bigg Boss is the number one TV show currently being aired in Kannada language. It is a Kannada version of the very popular show Bigg Boss which has been airing in Hindi channels for years. The decision of the management to launch this in Kannada was a very wise one, as the show turned out to be a TRP magnet and became very successful in a short period of time.

The show follows a very simple format in which, 14 contestants live together under one roof for a period of time, until one is left. The contestants are selected based on their popularity and their work in the acting fields. The contestants are eliminated on a weekly basis, by way of elimination and the viewers can vote for their favorite contestants to keep them in the house longer.

The platform is very innovative and interactive as, it makes the viewer feel like god and control what happens in the house. The contestants who are from various varied fields find that this program is not like any acting or performance they have ever done. The show is a reality show and there are no cuts or retakes, there is no editing, the contestants are constantly being watched all day long via cameras, even when they sleep.

The show brings out the true nature of the contestants as they make friends and enemies in the house. The contestants plot to win the grand prize, being the winner of Bigg Boss and get a big cash reward if they win. Most of the contestants are from TV serials and want to come on the series for exposure and to gain popularity.

The contestants, while in the house, have no access to any form of communication, there is no TV no phones or internet.

The show is currently on its second season and started airing in 2013.