Kannada Tv Show Besuge

Besuge Kannada tv-shows on Udaya Music

Besuge is a music based show which came on the channel Udaya Music. The show is a Kannada language one which came on every day from Monday through Sunday in the time slot between 5:00 and 6:00 PM. It features songs and requests across genres and eras. Some of the most popular tracks got played which could belong to modern hit movies or even from cinema belonging to the yesteryears. The anchor invites requests from the viewers sitting at home who can call in or write mails to them to request for their favorite melodies. These are then selected and played by the anchor.

In every episode, care got taken to select different kinds of music which could engage and entertain everyone. Ranging from pop music for youngsters, to slower tracks from older movies for the elderly, this had it all. The excellent collection of tracks and music made it an instant hit amidst audiences who tuned in regularly. It soon featured amidst one of the most popular programs to get aired on Udaya Music. The anchor too had a pleasant demeanor and the nuggets of information shared by him about the songs getting played, added to the fun factor and better-engaged viewers.

Udaya Music is among the leading Kannada language music channels which get aired on the Indian television network. It is a sister channel of Udaya TV, which was the first ever Kannada language satellite channel to launch in India. It is currently a part of the bouquet of channels offered by the Sun Network, which got headquartered in the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Not just India, but Udaya TV got telecasted across international waters as well in other countries. These include Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, and the United States of America too apart from India of course.

Udaya TV got incorporated on 2nd May 1994. It got launched by Kalanidhi Maran himself. The channel grew at a high pace and within May 2000, the channel managed to capture nearly 70% of the advertisement expenses made on television within Karnataka. It even went on to become the recipient of an award for being the best Kannada TV channel presented by the Indian Television Academy in both the years of 2001 and 2002. In November 2006, a consolidation exercise occurred as a part of which Udaya TV and its associated concerns got merged with the channel Sun TV alongside Gemini TV.