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Action Star  Kannada TV SHOWS on SUVARNA TV



With so many Reality Shows, Suvarna TV came up with yet another brilliant concept. Action Star is a Reality Show, where only female contenders fight against each other, to win the title of the Show. This is a unique way to promote women empowerment and show all the people, how much physical and mental strength women nowadays have, no matter what anyone says. Action Star is a Kannada language, Reality Show. It telecasts on Suvarna Channel. In this entertaining Show, nine competitors contend with each other for the large title.

Action Star is a peculiar kind of Reality Show, as compared to other Serials on television. Action Star is a one of its kind Reality Show. These nine contestants are only female celebrities. They compete with each other for a title. The winner is announced at the finale of the Show. Suvarna TV is well-known for introducing new concepts in their Shows. Some of their Serials are Amma, Gundyan Hendti, Milana, Dance Dance, Neevu Bhale Khiladi, Avanu Matte Shravani, and much more. The first season of Action Star was a huge success.

The Show have 2 Seasons in with 35 episodes in total. Action Star premiered on 19th March 2016. The Show Action Star aired on weekends, each Saturday and Sunday from 07:30 to 08:30 at night. With each episode, a new twist and turn is introduced, which binds the audience to the Show and compels them to wait for the next episode. In every one or two weeks, an elimination round takes place. According to the contestants and audiences voting, one player is eliminated from the Show. Raghu Mukherjee is the host of the Show Action Star. He is the heart and sole of the Show.

Raghu Mukherjee is an Indian Model and Actor. He worked in many Kannada Shows and Films. He debuted in Kannada Film Industry in the movie Paris Pranaya in the year 2003. Nagathihalli Chandrashekar was the Director of the film Paris Pranaya. Malashree entered on the Show Action Star as a special Judge. She guided the contestants and proved to be a great inspiration and mentor to them. Team of the film, Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu went to meet the contenders of Action Star. They enjoyed and lighted up the movement, something much needed by the contestants.

The team of the Movie Jessie also visited the beautiful task spot. Gradually the level of the game became intense. The contenders had to be always ready for the upcoming challenges. The contestants of Action Star are Vaibhavi, Arpitha, Nayana, Kalvani, Samyukta, Rajani, Madhu, Prathika, Neha.