Kannada Tv Serial Yugala Geethe

Yugala Geethe Kannada TV SERIALS on Colors Super

Yugala Geethe is a Kannada Language series that aired on Colours Super on 4th September 2017. Nandini Murthy and Karthik Paradkar are the producers of the show. Panchami, played by Siri Prahalad, is a naive girl and innocent girl.

She is involved with Karna, played by Pranith Nair. They go through unfortunate events since childhood resulting in Karna' hatred towards Panchami. Arjun, Karna' best friend, and Karna' mother adore Panchami.

In college, Panchami develops feelings for Karna, but he shows dislike toward her which upsets Panchami. Later, they discover that Karna is cursed and only if he marries Panchami, he can save his life. The show is about love and the bonds forged by fate. Fate binds Karna and Panchami. The serial deals with the importance of love, selflessness, and forgiveness.