Kannada Tv Serial Ughe Ughe Mahadeshwara

Ughe Ughe Mahadeshwara Kannada TV SERIALS on ZEE KANNADA

This show is the legendary folk story of lord Mahadeshwara as it started on 8th September 2018. This show is a one-hour show that offsets from 6:30 pm every Saturday and Sunday. The story is about Shravana, a cruel king that is defeated by Male Mahadeshwara in the form of linga. Shravana had a victory over death due to the blessings of Lord Shiva and, then he captures Parvati, lord shiva’s wife.

Kannada production house invested much in developing the Inderlok which, is the resultant hard work of many artists across the country. The story of Male Mahadeshwara has never picturized earlier, in the form of a movie or serial because of its magnitude and higher aspects.