Kannada Tv Serial Thangali

Thangali Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv

Thangali is a Kannada language TV show. Udaya TV telecasted the TV show in the year 2011. The TV show is produced by Vikatan Televistas Private Limited Chennai, India. Udaya TV telecasted the first episode of the show Thangali on 5th December 2011. The show is a daily TV soap opera meant for entertainment purposes. Thangali was a 30- minutes running show. The TV channel telecasted the show from Monday to Friday at 7.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. The show Thangali has derived it’s inspiration from the Tamil show Thendral. Thangali is a dubbed version of the hit and, romantic daily TV show telecasted in the Tamil language. The plot of this story focuses on a middle- class family where a father has a dream for his boy child but has no dream for his girl child.

The father wants his son to become an engineer and completely shuns his daughter’s dream. The daughter has to get herself engaged in preparing for the things required by her brother. The show focuses on the female character whose name is Thulasi and a few friends of her; Kalyani and, Deepa. When Thulasi was a child, her own mother deserted her and, after this her whole family cornered her in her own house. But Thulasi has a grandmother who cares for her and, loves her endlessly. Thulasi’s only dream is to study and, complete her education but doesn’t get enough support. Not just this there is a man named Madhana Gopal creates more trouble in Thulasi’s life than anyone else. He is an inspector in RTO and is also a thug who is of the same age as Thulasi’s father who is 45 years old.

He is smitten by the beauty of Thulasi and, wants her in his life. The male lead of the show is Ranjith who saves Thulasi from Madhana Gopal and, also marries her. But earlier in his life, Ranjith was engaged to get married to Charu. Charu comes from a rich family and wants Ranjith at any cost which is why she creates a lot of problems in their married life. Ranjith’s mother totally supports the marriage of Ranjith and Thulasi. And the story of serial goes through ups and downs with the couple. The show has various layers to it. It shows the importance of girl education, women empowerment, romantic life, society’s views and, the family as a support system. The show won the hearts of the Kannada audience.