Kannada Tv Serial Tathasthu

Tathasthu Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Tathasthu is a Kannada Show which is being aired on Suvarna TV at 7.30 AM from Monday to Friday. This program is a devotional with astrology prediction and general health show suggesting on health. The guests are highly renowned names in the astrological field and well known expert in respective fields. Every morning viewer will get good advices and acquires good knowledge about the Hindu deities, health and exercise. On one of the shows Prof Kantha Raju.R gave the tips about the different health issues and remedies through yogic act. The yoga gives a lot of relief for both physical and mental stress. After half an hour of having tea or coffee and after three hours of having meals, performing the yoga gives the best result. This was the good advice from yoga guru Prof Kantha Raju.

On another show Guruji Shree Subramanaya Shastri described about the auspicious day Aksyatritiya. This day is good for starting any work and to start any new projects. Pujya Matha Gurumatha Amma was the guest on another episode explaining the teachings of Bhagavath Gita. Teachings are more relevant in today’s lifestyle to come out of several problems which we are encountering in day to day life. In latest episode Amrutha Naidu as a host, conducting Tathastu program and Guruji Kabiyadi Jayaram Acharya as a guest providing lots of information about the Indian deities. Guruji is a Sanskrit scholar and Vastu expert, got post-graduation in Sanskrit. Guruji gives the astrological predication of twelve Rashis in addition to explaining about Indian deities.