Kannada Tv Serial Shree Vishnu Dashavatara

Shree Vishnu Dashavatara Kannada TV SERIALS on ZEE KANNADA

Shree Vishnu Dashavatara is an Indian-Hindu mythological series. This television series was aired on 22nd October 2018 on Zee Kannada at 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm. This serial focuses on the love story of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. Highlights of the serial are graphic and love. The show is being made by keeping all the cultural and the taste of the South Indians in mind.

The star cast of the serial is Amith Kashyap, Nisha, Veena Ponnappa, Harsha, Arjun, Vandana, Nandish, Suresh, Kavya, Madhav. The director is Dheeraj Kumar and, the Creative Director is Sanjay Guptha. The director and the creative director say” for the very first time our audience will be able to witness all the avatars of Vishnu in the history of small screen television’.