Kannada Tv Serial Radhe Shyam

Radhe Shyam Kannada TV SERIALS on Star Suvarna

Radhe Shyama is a Kannada tv serial which is about an ambitious woman who gets married and tries to gain the trust of her mother-in-law. Radhe is the name of a woman who wants to become an IPS officer. her dreams are hampered when she is asked to get married to an uneducated Shyama. Shyama is her husband. AS he sees that Radhe is sad because she had to stop her studies, he decides to support her in her journey. As she was married to an uneducated family, it was difficult for her to convince her mother-in-law. So the whole story is about how she gains the trust of her mother-in-law and gets success in achieving her dream. She knew she would be getting many obstacles in her way, but her motive was to break them down and get what she had dreamed of years before.