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Putta Gouri Maduve Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada

Puttagowri Maduve is being telecasted on E TV at 7 pm from Monday to Friday. Gowri a small eight year old village girl gets married to Mahesh, a boy a little elder to her. Though it was a child marriage nobody opposed to this as it was a custom in that village. Mahesh’s family was the family in authority in that village. So whatever they did was agreed upon. This family was headed by the granny, Ajjamma, as she was called by Mahesh and Gowri. Ajjamma was very much in command, not only in the house but also in the village. So nobody dared to go against her.

This child marriage being a custom and matter of prestige to the family, did not have any effect on the thoughts of Mahesh and Gowri. For these two this was just another game and they became the best friends. Mahesh mother found a daughter in Gowri and gave her all the love that she would have got from her mother. But Gowri’s mother and father were always worried of their small daughter because they knew that the family that she had been married to was very difficult for Gowri to adjust. As the worries of her parents, Gowri found it very difficult to adjust in the family. Ajjamma was a very strict grandmother and very perfect traditionalist. She made Gowri to follow many customs and rituals. The poor child was so scared of Ajjamma that she did everything that was told to her. As years went by the children grew up. But Mahesh and Gowri grew up as best friends who cannot live without each other. By now Gowri becomes the darling of every member in that house. Ajjamma then decides to make the young couple start their family as a proper married couple. So she starts some rituals which everyone follows happily.

Mahesh and Gowri are the most excited as they know that their childhood friendship is going to become a serious relationship. The last ritual was supposed to be on the day of ‘Holi’ festival. On the previous day of Holi, Ajjamma informs Mahesh that on the next day he has to apply ‘kumkum’ to Gowri, this will indicate that she is his wife and she warns him to be careful about unprecedented situations. Unknowingly, the next day, Mahesh applies that kumkum to a girl called Hima, who was just a guest to the Holi function and they didn’t know each other. This mistake changes the life of Mahesh completely. In the later episodes we can see that Mahesh continues his higher education and in this course falls in love with Hima and marries her, hence cheating on Gowri and making the fears of Gowri’s mother to become true.

Another Version Of This Story:

Puttagowri Maduve serial is broadcasted on ETV Kannada. It’s the journey of an eight-year-old girl who gets married to a youngster of the same age. After the wedding, the girl is sent to the boy’s family where the girl now as wife faces trials and numerous stringent rules dominant in the family. She adapts slowly to the circumstances and situations in the house and lives cheerfully as a chief part of her husband’s family and grows up in a fashion that all members admire her. She never fails to recall the provocation faced by her in her very tender age and started associating herself to the idea that no kid got married at such a tender age. Gowri has to come to her husband’s family as a wife; she has to follow a lot of instructions and principles.

The way she achieves that and becomes an essential part of the household as she grows up in this family forms the crux of the story. Later on, she raises her voice counter to these kinds of ceremonies in our culture. While the show attacks the ancient tradition of child marriage, it also focuses on the little girl's ride towards maturity. It tells the tale of a newlywed who adjusts to the societies and duties of her in-laws and consecutively becomes a policy reformer in contrast to conventional rituals. Sanya is a child artist who has appeared in Mukhaputa plays the role of Gowri in the serial. Colors Kannada’s rating rose to 211 million from 56 million because of the show Puttagowri Maduve (3.8 million viewership).

This serial is telecasted from Monday to Saturday at 7:00 P.M. Everyone knows that this serial is the re-creation of a Hindi serial Balika Vadhu which used to come on Colors channel. It is a Kannada serial, with the first episode telecasted on 22 Dec 2012 whose director was K.S.Ramji. It has been publicized as the first show which brought into focus the matters on child marriage on the small screen.