Kannada Tv Serial Purushottama

Purushottama Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Purushottama is a story about circumstances and how people have to evolve and change themselves according to what life throws at them. This serial started being telecasted on Zee Kannada in 2014 and has received a very favorable response.

The story follows the lives of Purushottama and Chaitra. Purushottama has been portrayed a complete man, who has lost a lot in life. He belonged to a family in which he lived with his mother and his sisters. But, when his mother passes away, the responsibility to be the head of the household and take care of all his sisters passes on to him. He struggles with so much responsibility all of a sudden but realizes that his family needs him to take care of them and look to him for comfort and support. He cares a lot for his dear friend Chaitra, as she is the one he turns to when he wants to share his joys and sorrows.

Chaitra is Purushottamma’s college friend and she admires his strength in taking care of his sisters as a parental figure and how he is towards her, gentle and caring. He has always been very sensitive towards other people’s needs and taken care of them.

Purushottamma has one thing on his mind, that is getting is elder sister married. But, all the avenues of getting her married seem to keep failing, as it is revealed that she is a kleptomaniac. This is the time he is at his lowest, and he seeks solace and comfort by telling Chaitra about his life. They soon become friends and Chaitra starts falling in love with Purushottamma, but he is too reluctant to get into any sort of commitment when his sister is still unmarried.

Finally, his elder sister gets a suitor but, they have a condition that he must marry the groom’s sister who is a widow. Purushottama agrees to this exchange marriage, for the sake of his sister. He chooses to, as the Purushottam, put his family before his needs.