Kannada Tv Serial Punar Vivaaha

Punar Vivaaha Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Punar Vivaaha is a serial being telecast on Zee Kannada TV at 9:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. Remarriage in our country used to be considered as a bad custom to follow. Nowadays, if a man remarries then it is accepted but if a woman tries to remarry then the society opposes. It is directed by Shruthi Naidu.

The story of this serial is a depiction of this social issue. Aarti is a divorced woman with a son. She lives with her in laws and son. They decide to remarry her. She is married to a wealthy businessman, Surya, who is the second son of the family. Surya was also married,but his wife is dead and is having a girl child. The story revolves around the uneasiness of these two newly married. The difficulties that Aarti and Surya face in adjusting to each other and each other’s kids, is interesting. In spite, of the remarriage decision taken by Surya’s family, they are not easy in accepting Aarti as their daughter in law. Aarti has to prove to the family that she can become a good mother to their grandchild, who is the main reason for this remarriage.

As the story moves forward we can suddenly find that a strange twist in the plot. Aarti’s first husband, Shashank comes into the picture and tries to woo his son and take him. Shashank is jealous that Surya is being able to give Aarti a better life than him. So he tries to atleast, to take his son from Aarti. But Surya being a good father opposes Shashank. His love for Aditya, Aarti’s son, prevents Shashank’s plans. By this time all in the family as well as Surya accept Aarti whole-heartedly. The story moves forward, developing the love story of Surya and Aarti. In the meanwhile, Aarti faces some more internal problems from her co-sisters causing rifts in the joint family.

The problems increase in their intensity when Aarti gets pregnant and delivers a baby boy. But by now Aarti and Surya have a very deep bond and understanding among them. So they are able to overcome these problems. A twist is given to the story by the entry of Arpitha, who is appointed as a governess for the kids when Aarti leaves home once after fighting with Surya. Once again Surya and Aarti’s love is tested, when Aarti doubts the relationship of Surya and Arpitha. The circumstances lead her to believe that he is having an affair with Arpitha. But with the help of his mother, Surya is successful in clearing Aarti’s doubts and bringing her back home again. In the future episodes, we can expect to watch the grown up kids of this re-married couple.

The Actors are 'Padma Kut muta', 'Ambuja', 'Ashalatha', 'Nithin', 'Master Ashwik', 'Kumari Diya', 'Shivaji Rao Jadhav', 'Keerthiraj', 'Arun', 'Geetha Suryavamshi' and others.