Kannada Tv Serial Prema Loka

Prema Loka Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv

Prema Loka is a TV series that is aired on Udaya TV from June 2019. The serial is said to be a remake of ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay.’ It is a romantic drama. The story focuses on Surya and Prerana. Surya and Prerna are head over heels in love. Prerana is a young, beautiful and sensible lady. Surya is a handsome and righteous lad. Surya and Prerana knew themselves right from their childhood. They were both unaware of the feelings between them. Prerana’s parents arranged her marriage with Naveen Wodeyar. Prerana had to choose between her dignity and her parents’ honor. Prerana then opt to marry Naveen, according to her parents. Surya was against this marriage as he was aware of the intentions of Naveen.

Surya abducted Prerana on the marriage day and took her away in a village where no one knew them. They both found a place to live. Prerana apologized to Surya for abandoning him and eventually learned about the efforts he made to stop the wedding. There was a lot of drama including goons chasing Prerana. The couple went through a lot of drama, betrayals, revenge, and many attempts to part them off. Despite of so many efforts to separate them, Surya and Prerana unite. Their love wins over everything.